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The old town center  with a rich history with cultural heritage and Jewish life:

Gallery - Lendava Museum,

Synagogue - Slovenian Holocaust Museum

Museum of the bourgeoisie, printing and umbrella making

White Miners Petroleum Museum

Museum of Istrians and Coastal people

The Vinarium Tower from where the four lands are visible

Chapels of the Holy Trinity (visit to the mummy of soldier Mihael Hadik, a hero in the fight against the Turks)


Recreation and attractions

Wine-tourist road leads through Lendavske and Dolgovaške gorice in the embrace of vineyards and wine tradition, past wineries and tourist farms. The wines are naturally made and known for their quality. The hill reagion  is suitable for active holidays. In autumn, the visitor can experience the charm of the Lendava grape  harvest and traditional events dedicated to wine and cuisine.

Numerous cycling routes in this area of ​​Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia

- For less demanding cyclists

Cycling circle Lendava - Pince - Lendava, 17 km

Along the paths of the Mura forest, 6-10 km

In the villages of Lendava: Lendava - Kapca - Velika Polana - Hotiza, 35 km

- For more demanding cyclists

In the hills of Lendava, Lendava town, in the hills and forests, 28 km

Lendava - village Bukovnica - Lendava, 60 km

Pannonian Marathon – Medium- Slovenia - Hungary, 58 km


Some hiking trails

Path along the Mura - logarnica - Mura - Mura forest, 5 km
The path of St. Urban, Lendava - Lendava hills - Čentiba, 9 km
Water and oil route, Lendava - Petišovci - Trimlini, 6 km
Brick path, 7.2 km

Lindauring:  the first Slovenian moto track and smaller motocross and speedway tracks

Lendava SPA (thermal water): the pecularity  of Lendava water is the high content of paraffin. Such water is suitable for the prevention and treatment  of the musculoskeletal system diseases, rheumatic diseases, burns, injuries of the peripheral nervous system. It is very suitable for relaxation after sports activities.


Walks in nature

Lake Bukovnik and Lake Hotiška in the unspoiled nature of the Pannonian lowland

The Mura River and the oxbow lakes, the natural wealth of Prekmurje and Lendava. Dead river curves are a unique habitat for endangered animal and plant species.

Murska šuma- forest  and Črni log- forest meadow by the wather, for walks, where it is possible to climb hills and many observatories.

The Črni log represents a flooded  forest. It hosts a rare species of black stork. It is especially interesting in early spring, when the snowdrops sprout. Through Črni log and Lendavske gorice,leads  the Pomurje mountain trail- Miškova pot, dedicated to  Miško Kranjec (Slovene writer), from his birthplace Velika Polana - along the streams Črnec and Ledava - Lendavske gorice, where his  cottage still stands among the vineyards.



Lendava is the world capital of bograč (a traditional Slovenian meat stew that was supposedly invented by Hungarian shepherds when Prekmurje was under Hungarian rule. The stew consists of four types of meat—traditionally pork, beef, venison, and boar—which are simmered along with potatoes, onions, spices, wine, and optionally mushrooms).  The daily offer of bograč is in Lovski dom, in the Troica restaurant and in the Kančal inn.

Various dish selection: pizzeria and inn Malibu, pizzeria Popaj, restaurant and pizzeria Bella Venezia

Wineries: Cuk Wine House, Smej Winery, Kelenc Winery, Kolar Winery, Halas Winery

Cafes and sweet shops: Art Café, Banffy Café, Metropol Café, Torteraj Café, Stari Grad Café, Derviši Confectionery

Events: Lendava  online calendar

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